“UNITY PETROLEUM LTD.”, Company #10604211, location place 18 Trinity street, Cambridge, United Kingdom hereinafter referred to as “Unity Petroleum” on the one hand and "Investor" hereinafter referred to as "Participant" program on the other side, entered into between the content of the following agreement on the use of this resource.

1. General terms


1.1 Participant shall be entitled to participate in the investment program only in that case if he considered an adult under the laws of a jurisdiction of a court or other public authority.

1.2 At the registration stage, the participant agrees to keep all data provided by investment program “Unity Petroleum” to enter the personal back office confidential from third parties, otherwise the Administration is not responsible for the theft of the personal account.

1.3 Editing your own profile settings back office, participant undertakes to provide extremely accurate information such as – Personal information, contact information, billing information. Otherwise, the Administration has the right to request additional information about the owner of the personal account in the investment project “Unity Petroleum” such as - Scan passport, contact number to validate the user.



2. Rights and obligations of participant


2.1 Participant agrees to use this resource “Unity Petroleum” only for personal reasons.

2.2 Participant agrees to abide by the norms of morality, do without coarseness. In case of ignoring “Unity Petroleum” reserves the right to deprive the participant opportunity to participate in the investment program.

2.3 Before taking any action, participant undertakes to be sane and sober mind, adequately to think and imagine what could entail his actions.

2.4 In identifying by Administration any of fraudulent activities concerning participant, The administration has the full right to restrict access to personal account without any explanation. The possibility of a money refund excluded - that mean your principal deposit include in your daily earnings.

2.5 Participant can not create an multi-account referral link associated with each other. In case of violation of this kind, all accounts can be frozen.




3. Rights and obligations of Administration


3.1 Administration is committed to providing best quality connection between the online service “Unity Petroleum” and participant of this service.

3.2 Administration has the right temporarily restrict access to the service member without his knowledge, for safety reasons if the Administration has reasons.

3.3 Administration assures maximum realized work custom script that gives participants a guarantee of quality.




4. Offer of investments


4.1 Start investing capital in the program can be with a minimum investment $ 25 and maximum $ 50,000.

4.2 All transactions made on the account of the investor are processed immediately, provided that everything is done correctly.

4.3 Daily amount of dividends is from 1% to 2.5% under the rules, not including bonus program.

4.4 Accrual of dividends operates in real time, regardless of the success of the company.

4.5 Participant has the right to work exclusively with payment systems like – Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, OkPay and Payza.



5. Offer of terms of withdrawals


5.1 The minimum amount for withdraw is – $0.10 and $1 for OkPay and Payza.

5.2 Usually requested withdrawals process instantly, provided that all is done correctly.
But we therefore reserve up to hours to process any withdrawal request.

5.3 First accruals occur after participant invested sum will be credited to "Participant" account after hours.

5.4 Withdrawals can be made at any time convenient for the participant.

5.5 Summary invested amount can be closed and withdrawn at any time convenient for the participant.


6. Privacy policy and data protection


6.1 Administration undertakes to keep all personal information provided by the participant safe from third parties.

6.2 All transactions, personal information is encrypted through a secure connection with the insurance fund of $250,000.



7. Refund Policy and Other positions


7.1 The possibility of a money refund excluded - that mean your principal deposit include in your daily earnings.


7.2 In the event of unforeseen circumstances “Unity Petroleum” does not exclude the possibility of a partial refund.

7.3 Like all current companies receiving investment funds, “Unity Petroleum” can not guarantee eternal profitable program.

7.4 “Unity Petroleum” ensures long-term, adequate approach to work with an investment fund.

7.5 “Unity Petroleum” shall not be liable for any loss of funds in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

7.6 Passing registration step in the investment program “Unity Petroleum”, participant automatically agrees with this agreement.